Sustainability Policy

A Sustainable business now and for the future

Up to now…………….

“Totally Welsh has been calmly cutting carbon”.

The team here at Totally Welsh have been committed to sustainability initiatives for many years, we have been quietly attentive to our impact on the environment through our working business model of being exactly “Totally Welsh” and championing the Dairy Roadmap (Dairy UK 2018).

We process, pack and distribute Welsh milk and milk products to multiple business sectors across the market. Our Responsibly Sourced milk is collected by our vehicle collection fleet direct from our supplier farms and then brought direct to us at our Haverfordwest manufacturing site to be processed and bottled. Farms are chosen from Pembrokeshire, Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion from within a forty-mile radius of our Haverfordwest manufacturing. Once a finished product we distribute from Haverfordwest and also from two cold stores at Swansea and Cardiff. This business model results in Welsh milk from Welsh cows from Welsh farms being processed and bottled within Wales, hence “Totally Welsh”.

Our aim has always been and still is to keep Welsh milk here in Wales. By having kept our supplier chain local and reducing food miles, we have always offered milk that is fresher for our consumers and better for the environment too.

Key achievements so far:

Climate Change & energy
ü  We source and collect milk locally ourselves.

We run our fleet of vehicles efficiently. We maintain them ourselves. We use return journeys to collect packaging from suppliers on route.

We have had solar panels on the roof of our factory for years from which we consume 75% + of our generation.

ü  All of our waste is recycled as far as reasonably practicable. 

Plastics and packaging
ü  We source plastics and card that is either made from recyclable materials or sourced from sustainable forests. Both then go on to be further recyclable.

ü  We have installed an additional processing line to bottle milk into glass starting in 2023.


 Waste water
ü  In 2022 we installed a water treatment system to treat effluent to reduce the loading on the public treatment works.


Going forward in 2023

“Totally Welsh still acting local but now thinking global”.

Today in 2023, Mark Hunter Ltd T/A Totally Welsh is now committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2050. Not only do we have a working Sustainability and Environmental Policy being driven by an enthused team, but we have already completed steps to assess our Product Life Cycle and also our Carbon Footprint which has enabled a Carbon Reduction Plan to be produced. We have, within this, laid out the actions, dependencies and barriers which are directly linked to our ability to achieve our commitment. Having completed these two significant strategic areas of Net Zero planning, we have the framework in place to implement and achieve.

Reducing our environmental impact further

Our key reduction areas of emissions are now further focused within scopes of energy usage, food loss and waste, fleet efficiency and plastics and packaging.

We will underpin these areas with raising awareness of sustainability and environmental issues within our own workforce, suppliers and customers.

Watch this green space! We will update you with our annual progress on here or sooner when we have exciting news to report on.