Glass: The Traditional, Sustainable Option


of Milk Bottles delivered are in Glass


of New customers choose milk in Glass


times the average milk bottle is reused


of customers choose Semi-skimmed

Glass bottles are making a comeback

For anyone who grew up in the early 90’s or earlier, the gentle clinking of glass bottles down your street would be memory that has now been forgotten about – but now it is back. Over the last year, Totally Welsh has noticed a huge increase in customers ordering milk and other drinks in the form glass bottles.

Since the viewing of David Attenborough’s BBC series Blue Planet II, which aired in 2018 and the media currently raising awareness of plastic pollution, we have noticed that the demand for glass has dramatically increased.

Glass bottles now make up roughly 84% of milk deliveries to our door step customers within the Swansea and Cardiff area but currently 95% of our new customers opt for glass bottles instead of plastic and that is a trend that we expect to continue with our milk deliveries.

Reusable Glass Bottles

Unlike plastic milk bottles which are used once before being discarded or recycled, each glass milk bottle is re-used on average around 15 times.

We request that customers give them a wash and leave them back on the doorstep for the milkman or milkwoman to pick up. These bottles are then washed and sterilised through machines and re-filled to go back out.

Although some of our our milk still goes out in plastic, we’re constantly looking at ways to improve. All our plastic bottle are recycled and made in to other products here in wales.

Produce Delivered to your Door

Totally Welsh Direct is our doorstep service, which currently delivers milk and produce to people’s doors in the Swansea, Cardiff and close surrounding areas. With our milk – you can choose from organic, whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed and 1% fat milk – all in glass bottles. We also have juices, teas, coffees, cakes and lots of fresh produce which can delivered with your milk, by your trusty milkman direct to your door.
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