Covid-19 Company statement

Mark Hunter LTD t/a Totally Welsh is fully committed to ensuring the safety of all staff, contractors, visitors and customers. Following the recent and on-going Covid-19 global pandemic we at Mark Hunters have a legal obligation to ensure we can carry out our business activities safely and by following the government guidelines and legislation. It is our responsibility that we adhere to the guidelines throughout all steps of the business and do not become complacent and put ourselves or others at risk.

We have carried out covid-19 risk assessments across the business and sites. We have shared these with all employees and are also available upon request. Some actions which have been taken in result of the risk assessments are

  • Covid-19 awareness training pack created and trained to all employees.
  • Stop put to all unnecessary visitors to site.
  • Equipment provided so all employees who can work from home are
  • Set workdays for some employees and staggered start times to prevent over crowding
  • 2-meter social distancing enforced across all sites and policed by COVID-19 marshals.
  • Vulnerability risk assessments taken of all employees.
  • Daily monitoring and trending of the current covid-19 situation in all areas where are business works.
  • Review and changed to delivery processes to help prevent close contact with other people.

We have also introduced and implemented strict cleaning procedures for all key touch points. Installed alcohol-based hand sanitising station at all key areas and thorough-out all of our premises.  Place facilities in all company vehicles to ensure hands and vehicles can be sanitised regularly throughout collections and deliveries.

We have provided all employees with PPE such as face masks and visors, Also we our providing all employees with regular updates of the current situation in regards to covid-19 and any changed to guidance and legislation as they arise.

As part of our standard business proceedings, Mark Hunter LTD (Totally Welsh) constantly monitors our supply chain for any adverse factors which could potentially cause disruption for our clients and Franchisees. Despite the scale of the current outbreak, the potential risk presented by the Coronavirus falls within the scope of our existing supply chain management procedures and Mark Hunter LTD can confirm that we have adequate procedures and policies in place to pre-empt and manage such situations.

Immediate steps have been taken to further increase stocks of products and packaging that may potentially be affected in future as a precautionary measure.

This situation is being kept under constant review and clients will be notified at the earliest opportunity of any disruption to products they have procured from Mark Hunter LTD (totally Welsh), In the unlikely event this becomes an issue, we will do all we can to maintain our supply chain.

We as a business are doing all we can to ensure the safety of the business and everyone involved by implementing contingency plans, policies, and procedure to help protect and prevent the spread of the virus. These along with our Covid-19 risk assessment can be provided upon request.